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Certified Professional Installation

Smart EV Chargers for Home and Business

Evnet Electronic Vehicle Smart Chargers in Dunedin, New Zealand


Evnex is the leading smart electric vehicle charger manufacturer and provider in New Zealand.

Available: 7.4kW single phase & 22kW three phase.

Intuitive Features

Intelligent Charging Cost Tracking


Evnex Smart EV chargers are dependable and suitable for home use. Charge your electric car up to four times faster than other chargers. Keep your finances in check with its intuitive app that can track usage and cost. And keep your home safe with certified professional installation in Dunedin.


Evnex makes electric vehicle charging a breeze for businesses and fleets in Dunedin. With comprehensive services to ensure that you can focus on what matters: your core business. Easily manage access control, view activity logs, and get an overview of charger the fleet status.

Expertise and Experience

Honest Electrical is a certified Evnex Installation Partner

EV charger requires installers who have the necessary expertise and experience to install charging stations safely and efficiently.

Expertise and Experience

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